Thank you for using the Millenium Monitor. This program is an easy-to-use tool for storing, tracking, and understanding your practice's performance and growth. Millenium Management Services has been helping orthodontic practices succeed for over 30 years. We understand the importance of thoroughly tracking and planning your performance, and there's no better tool for acheiving that than the Millenium Monitor. Read on and we'll show you how easy it is for you and your practice to organize your statistics, and take control of your future.-The Millenium Team

Historical Data Entry:

Historical Data Entry: In order to better understand your progress, let's start with recording some history. If you don't have statistics recorded very far back, don't worry, just enter what you have. (We recommend a minimum of 3 full previous calendar years.) On the Home page, create a new Office Location. Within that Office Location create a new Monitor Year and fill information into the open fields month by month. Continue this for all office locations (if multiple), for as many years as you wish. For the current year, enter the end of month statistics for as many months as you have closed out to date.

Monthly Data Entry:

Keeping your Monitor current is extremely simple. After the close of each month, navigate to the current year within each office location and enter the month's statistics. All reports will automatically update and will be available for immediate viewing. If you're having trouble gathering and entering your statistics, or you would like a Millenium consultant to regularly perform this work for you, contact us at contact@orthomms.com.